5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 13, 2019

Valentine’s day is TOMORROW, and some of you may be scrambling to find the perfect gift! Never fear- we wanted to share some easy ideas that will help you plan something special in the nick of time.

We are huge fans of the 5 love languages test (find it here) because it helps you to understand and connect with your fiancé/spouse on an even deeper level! If you haven’t taken it, we highly suggest it. Then scroll below to find the perfect Valentine’s idea for your hunny based on how they best receive love.

1) Valentine’s ideas for “Acts of Service”

This is always a high scoring love language for me (Ashley) and Justin definitely loves me well in it! Some things he has done for me in the past that would make great gifts-

–  Taking the car to get detailed

Breakfast in bed

– Cleaning the entire house (OR gifting a service to do it- two love languages for one!)

– In home spa day complete with a pedicure and massage (I think I speak for every girl when I say make sure to get the good polish, I like this brand)

2) Valentine’s ideas for “Physical touch”

Physical touch is a big one for a lot of people, including Justin! Some of the best gifts and dates you can give to someone with this as a love language are-

-A dance class (For those of you who live in Tampa, we did swing dancing at this studio)

-A snuggly stargazing date (Justin’s personal favorite! Complete with a late night snack basket and wine)

-A couple’s massage (Try the spa at the Epicurean, a personal favorite of ours)

3) Valentine’s ideas for “Words of affirmation”

Justin and I both score high on words of affirmation, so we have personally used the ideas below and love them-

Letters to my husband (I used these and gifted them to Justin on our wedding day)

-Love Jar or Love Balloons- write out as many reasons why you love your fiancé/spouse as you can think of on slips of paper. Then put them in balloons for your love to pop or in a jar so they can reach in and read one anytime!

-A poem or song (I wrote one for Justin on our wedding day as well! It definitely wasn’t fancy or overly clever… but he loved it because I put in effort. The thought is what counts!)

4) Valentine’s ideas for “Quality time”

This is one of the easiest love languages to gift for because all you need (mostly) is YOURSELF! If your fiancé/spouse really resonates with quality time, simply plan a date, and you are set. Here are some of our favorite ideas-

Date night box (we have purchased this one before and like it!)

-Painting class, or painting pottery

Cooking class (Try Sur la Table , it’s phenomenal! Pro tip: bring your own bottle of wine!)

-Renting bikes and riding along the water or in a park

5) Valentine’s ideas for “Receiving gifts”

This is the most difficult to give advice on, because gifting thoughtfully requires a lot of effort on the gifters part- you have to listen as much as you can! Justin is so thoughtful, and whenever he hears me mention something I like or want, he makes a note on his phone! That way when an occasion comes along to get a gift, he has a whole list of ideas. We’ll try to provide some inspiration to get you started below-

– Does your fiancé/spouse like wine or whiskey? Pick up their favorite bottle or visit a winery/distillery and choose a bottle together!

-Any coffee fans out there? You can’t go wrong gifting local beans, or even a new accessory! I bought Justin the Nespresso (see them here) and it’s been a big hit!

-Justin gifted me a t-shirt quilt from Project Repat and I LOVED it because it helped me clear up space in my dresser without parting with some fun memories. (Find them here)


We hope these ideas have helped inspire you this Valentine’s day! We’d love to hear if you used any of them- pay us a visit on instagram (@justindemutiis) and let us know what you thought!





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