Grooms: 3 Ways to Help your Bride Wedding Plan

March 4, 2019


Over the years I’ve met quite a few grooms! Whether clients, many of my friends, and even being a groom myself just a few short years ago- I feel like I’ve got the inside scoop to the grooms perspective on wedding planning. Many of these guys have expressed feeling at a loss for what to do to help when their bride-to-be seems so overwhelmed! It’s why I want to share three tips that can help any groom step up to the plate while navigating planning a wedding. (Before we dive in, I’m going to give you the obvious tip of all tips which is: If she asks you to do something, do it! Bonus points if you have a smile.)

1) Be prepared

Nothing can stress a bride-to-be out quite like a groom who wants to wait until the last minute on everything. From choosing groomsmen, wrangling the family guest list on your side, having everything ready for your tux, or getting your vows done early, being as prepared as you can with your basic responsibilities will make a huge difference. (Tip- you’ll also want to purchase a gift for your groomsmen- don’t make your bride shoulder that task too! Try a custom Yeti like these or a pre-packaged classy gift from Fox Blossom like these. Or search Etsy for personalized gifts like this one)

2) Be patient

I think almost every bride can admit: there are times when they are going to feel stressed, emotional, or down-right overwhelmed. Planning for a wedding comes with a lot of checklists, decision making, and thoughtful planning. That said, I think everyone in that scenario deserves a free pass or two! If she’s too tired to go on date night, or seems short one day- don’t make a big deal out of it. In fact- why not treat her to a day off from planning when she seems especially bogged down? Volunteer to be the one who swings by the post office to double check the invite postage, or returns Aunt Sue’s four phone calls about the attire, and drop her off at the spa for an afternoon of relaxation. (If you’re a Tampa native, Ashley likes this one, Spa Jardin.)

3) Have a good attitude

This is a simple tip, but one of the most important in my opinion. Guys- you are going to have to do things you don’t want to as you wedding plan. I REPEAT: you are going to HAVE to do some things you don’t want to do! Dance lessons, seating chart planning, getting fitted for a tux, food and cake tastings (alright.. this one is pretty good). Most importantly: Posing for photos without getting annoyed. I don’t know many guys who love being in front of the camera, picking out complimentary outfits, etc. But guess what? To most of my brides, pictures are one of the most important parts of their planning. From the engagement session to the wedding day- this is all you have left from this time in your lives. Try to put a smile on and have a little fun with it! Who knows- you might even leave saying it was fun after all. (Bonus points- why not surprise your bride to be on the wedding day by gifting her an album of your engagement photos? Click here to contact us and get one ordered today!)

There you have it- three tips for any groom-to-be! I hope you found this helpful and will use it as you navigate planning with your beautiful bride. Even with all the stress of planning I can confidently say from the other said- it is so worth it. Your wedding day truly will be one of the best of your life, and marriage is just plain awesome!





P.S.- If you loved this blog, check out this one from Leah and Chris’ wedding day. He was such a good example of a groom who kept a smile and a good attitude all day long!

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