Three rainy day date ideas

June 5, 2019


There’s nothing worse than planning out a beautiful date on a warm summer day, only to have your plans ruined by RAIN! (Especially in Tampa… it’s raining as I write this! Welcome, summer!)

If a rain out happens- Don’t scrap the day, just turn it into a rainy day date! See below for three of our favorite date ideas to do when skies are grey.


1) Sur La Table

To be honest, we’d suggest Sur La Table rain or shine- it’s great for a date night any time! The building is nestled right in the middle of Hyde Park Village, which is an adorable shopping center you could explore for a whole afternoon. The shop is a full cooking supply store with a kitchen in the back for their classes, and weather you like to cook or not it’s easy to get lost in here!

Though you have to park in a garage or the street when you go to the village, they have the cutest umbrella baskets floating around so you can snag one to keep dry! Once inside you can begin your class with some wine (BYOB) and usually a snack, and then they’ll dive into the prepping! They walk you through the meal step by step and at the end, of course, get to munch on all you’ve created! They also send you home with the recipes and a discount you can purchase supplies in the shop with. The perfect (yummy) indoor date!

2) Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange is truly a Tampa gem. Any time we take someone new here, they ALWAYS fall in love with the diverse options and unique aesthetic. In the building you’ll find a coffee bar, tea bar, full restaurant, bookstore, and shop- making it the perfect rainy day hangout. Usually we’ll start an OE date with brunch in the restaurant (if avocado toast is on the menu, you can never go wrong). Then we head to the bookstore and each pick out a new read! (Easier said than done because they have so many amazing options). From there we usually grab a coffee from their buddy brew bar and cozy up on one of their leather chairs or comfy couches to read together. It’s easy to spend hours cozied up in this downtown Tampa favorite- no sunshine no problem!

3) The Dali Museum

The Dali museum is located in downtown St. Pete and is always one of our go to date spots! Between the artwork, rotating exhibits, and snack bar, you can wait out the rain in this uniquely shaped space. We always love seeing Dali’s take on oil paintings- they are unique and always seem to spark a good conversation between us as we peruse them! Highly recommend.


There you have it- three rainy day date ideas! This summer when the drizzle (inevitably) happens, we hope you’ll remember our favorite local spots and give them a try for date day! A rainy day date is ALWAYS better than no date at all!

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