Three Engagement session tips

July 29, 2019

When it comes to planning an engagement session, there are a lot more moving parts than most people think! You only get these photos taken once, so you want them to be perfect. (And so do we!)

It’s why we decided to compile three of our BEST engagement session tips into this blog that will take your session from good to great! When you’re prepared and relaxed, it’ll absolutely show in the photos! (Making for an enjoyable session, and dreamy images, of course) Keep on reading to make sure you don’t miss a thing while planning your session.

1) Plan plenty of time to get ready and arrive

NOTHING stresses me out quite like running late. Can anyone else relate? If you’re waving your hands in the air right now, this tip is super important for you.

Plan more time than you think you need to get ready, account for traffic, and give yourself a few extra minutes to find the location if you’ve never been there before! We plan our engagement sessions a little while before sunset, so starting late just typically means less overall time in your session. While we can still make magic happen in a short amount of time, we want to make the most of every moment! Plus, you don’t want to begin your session feeling stressed or frazzled because you had to rush.

2) Wear something you are totally comfortable in

The number one question we get for engagement sessions: What to wear?!

We always tell our clients to stick to their personal styles, but maybe take it up a notch! We recommend simple outfits- Pastel and neutral colors often photograph best. It’s better to coordinate outfits with complimentary colors, rather than matching, to go for a mix of solids and patterns, and to make sure the color and style of your clothing will fit in well with the location we’ve picked out for your photos. Most of all, wear something you both look and feel great in, and also true to who you are. For the sake of time and ease, most engagement sessions have two outfits, but if you can’t choose, feel free to bring a few options and we will give suggestions at the shoot! Finally, and MOST importantly, good engagement photos (in our opinion) involve a lot of sitting on the ground or on potentially dirty surfaces, walking, running, twisting, hugging, etc. Don’t wear something you’re constantly having to readjust, or something you’re afraid to get a speck of dirt on!

If you want more advice or inspiration, check out our pinterest page here.

3) Come prepared

Our engagement sessions range from two to three hours, so you should definitely prepare for anything you might want during that time! Some good things to remember would be a jacket, walking shoes (in between locations… ladies, don’t keep your heels on the whole time!), treats (if you are bringing your dog), makeup, hairbrush, hair spray, and water. We also love encouraging couples to bring props like champagne, a guitar, bikes, or anything else that really speaks to who you are! These personal touches always take an engagement session to the next level (plus we love getting to learn even more about you as a couple and your hobbies!)

There you have it- our three best tips to keep in mind before your engagement session! If you take these things into account, you’re guaranteed to have a more fun, relaxed session (and that will definitely shine through in your images)! We can’t WAIT for the opportunity to photograph you for an engagement session and capture this sweet time for you both.


Want to get inspired for your own session? Check out Eric and Katie right here, who decided to use their session at their favorite places around the city. It was so personal and unique!

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