3 Unique Valentines Day date ideas

February 6, 2020

I remember many years ago I went out for a “Galentine’s” dinner with some girlfriends on February 14th…. and vowed to never do it again! I think 2/14 should be forever known as “the day every person in the USA goes out to eat”. It was horrible! It took hours to get a table, the restaurant was crowded, and we were starving. It didn’t seem like a romantic date night for anyone out that night to me!

Those reasons aside- you can go out to dinner ANY day, so why not do something unconventional on V-day this year?! I’m sharing three of my favorite unique ways to spend Valentine’s day in Tampa Bay below- check it out and get to planning!

1. Plan something your partner loves

Relationships are about compromise, and there’s no better way to say “I love you” than planning as date solely based on what your significant other loves to do. In our relationship we’ve had many dates where I plan a camping trip (because Justin loves it!), or Justin plans a yoga class (because I love that!). What does your partner get joy out of doing? Set your own wishes aside- and plan around that! Nothing could be better for a romantic date night in my book.  (If you’re going for yoga, try out Bella Prana, it’s my favorite!)


2. Enjoy the great outdoors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- we LOVE Bok tower gardens. It’s about an hour away from Tampa, but totally worth the drive. I can’t imagine anything sweeter on Valentine’s day than a stroll through beautiful gardens, a pic-nic, and some time enjoying the breeze as you look over the rolling hills. Other ideas: Camping (we just went to Kissimmee prairie state park and loved it!), Kayaking, Tree Hoppers, Selby Gardens.


3. Celebrate from the sky

One of the best dates Justin ever took me on was… SKYDIVING! If you’re an adventurous couple, this would be the perfect adrenaline rush to put some love in the air. We went to this place when we did it and had a blast. Less of an adrenaline junky? Why not do a hot air balloon ride, like this?


Short and sweet- three unique Valentines date ideas to help you avoid the dinner lines and have some fun with your sweetheart this year. Happy Valentines day!

P.S- If it rains this year, never fear! Check out our blog on three rainy date date ideas right here.

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