Top 10 Wedding Day Hairstyles

August 7, 2019

The wedding planning question every bride faces: How should I do my hair?!

There endless options available when it comes to wedding hair- from your wedding hair accessories, to your color… and every person you ask seems to have a different opinion. It’s why we’re coming at you today with ten of our all time favorite wedding day hairstyles – and WHY they’re our favorites! Scroll on to get some wedding day hairstyle inspiration.



1. For the bride who wants CLASSIC

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, you can NEVER go wrong with a classic bun. I love that Katie chose this hairstyle for her medium length dirty blonde hair, because having a lot of timeless elements in her wedding was important to her. I don’t think there’s any style more classic than this! She also loved that her wedding gown had an open back, and knew if she left her hair down that detail might be less pronounced.


2. For the bride who wants to SHOW THE GOWN

Sheena has one of my all time FAVORITE wedding hairstyles for a gal who wants to show off her wedding gown. The beauty of pulling your hair off to the side is that you still show the back of your dress, but you get all the perks of keeping your hair long and curly. This hairstyle works for a dress weather it’s strapless, long sleeved, or strappy. Even if your hair blocks one side of the gown, you see all the intricate details on the other! I also love the way she pinned her long bangs to the side to keep the top of her hair sleek and classic.


3. For the bride who wants to be MODEST

Beautiful Renee knew just what she wanted for her wedding day hairstyle! She worried a little that her wedding gown was a bit too open in the neckline, so having her medium length curls cascade around her shoulders added a little more coverage to her dress. She also knew her wedding hairpiece, a greenery crown, would be better complimented with more visible hair- so it was a win win!


4. For the bride who wants to showcase SHORT HAIR

With her chic signature bob, Jess knew she didn’t have a ton of options when it came to her wedding day hairstyle. I love that she added a twist and spring of florals by her ear to give the illusion of more fullness while still maintaining her sleek look! I think this was the perfect way to glam up her classic style.


5. For the bride who wants to HIGHLIGHT THE VEIL

Alison’s wedding hair was the ideal look for her! By choosing to put some fullness at the crown of her head, she was able to really accentuate her hair vine and simple veil. Added bonus- by only putting some loose curls in the front of her style, you also got to admire the strappy back of her wedding gown!


6. For the bride who wants TEXTURED, NOT MESSY

Chelsea absolutely nailed her wedding day hair. She had a very elegant wedding, so her gown and hair were no different. She wanted a classic bun without feeling slicked back, and that’s exactly what she got! By curling her bangs and the top layers of her hair, she was able to pin them back to create texture that led into her timeless low updo.


7. For the bride who wants a BEACHY UPDO

Shannon knew she wanted a way to show off the lace on her wedding gown while also maintaining a relaxed look that would fit with the beach-and she got it spot on. By layering braids in her hair instead of opting for a simple bun, it truly felt like a beach wedding. I also love that she left a few free flowing curls framing her face- her hair still moved with the breeze and made for the dreamiest sunset photos!


8. For the bride who wants to show off her FLOWERCROWN

Tricia knew her wedding day look was ALL about the flower crown, so she planned half up half down hair to accentuate the beautiful roses framing her face. The look of her wedding was very english garden meets boho, and I can’t imagine a more perfect hairstyle for the occasion.


9. For the bride who wants a CHIC UPDO

Tiffany works in fashion, and her entire wedding was very chic! Her hair was no different- she wanted the focus to be on her ruffled Hayley Paige gown made from striped organza- her sleek high bun allowed the full focus to be on her style without the distraction of ton of curls or poof.


10. For the bride who wants CHIC AND DOWN

Last but not least- gorgeous Natalie. With her all white wedding and sleek crepe Oscar De La Renta gown, Natalie knew she had to keep her hair sleek and simple. Because she didn’t opt for a veil, she added a bit more teased fullness to the back of her hair and kept her bangs smooth and tucked back. This hairstyle was absolutely true to her personality and style!


There you have it- ten of our all time favorite wedding day hairstyles! I hope you found this helpful and you’re inspired now to select your own wedding day hairstyle! Pro tip- ALWAYS do a hair trial before your wedding day to make sure you really love it on yourself, and not just in a photo.


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