Five Wedding Exit Ideas

May 23, 2019

We LOVE wedding day exits! What better way to end your night than all your friends and family surrounding you, cheering you on and wishing you well (and possibly throwing things at you- ha!)?! This centuries old tradition is festive, fun, and creates magical photo opportunities. Read four of our favorite ways for guests to send you off in style below!


1) Confetti

NOTHING says it’s a party quite like confetti! Confetti gives the look of the ages-old rice send off, without the feeling of getting pelted by hard little rocks of grain: we’d call that a win-win! We suggest looking into eco-friendly confetti so it melts away post-exit and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up! (Fun fact- we did a confetti exit for our very own wedding!)


2) Sparklers

By far the most popular send off– and we can see why! When you are heading off into newlywed bliss post-sunset, sparklers create a bright and glimmering light source that without a doubt ALWAYS creates fun and magical photos. Pro tip: get the extra long sparklers to ensure the entire line of people stay lit while you’re jogging through!


3) Flower Petals

Ok- so we know running through a line of people holding fire sticks after three cocktails isn’t for everyone. If you have fire-fear or the venue won’t allow sparklers, why not try flower petals? We love this option because you can utilize one of your wedding day colors to keep the theme consistent right up until the very end of the night– and because they’re larger than confetti the cleanup isn’t too difficult for the loved ones you leave behind!

4) Streamers

Weather attached to sticks or popped from guns- you can’t go wrong. Even the most strict of wedding venues won’t turn down these colorful wands that can be adorned with ribbon, bells, or sparkle (feeling bold? Go for all three!) These are a great way to tie in your wedding colors and without a doubt make your exit look and feel like a true celebration.

5) Bubbles

Last but certainly not least- bubbles! For a more whimsical send-off, we highly suggest them! They don’t hurt, there’s no clean up, and they are seriously MAGICAL when used at nighttime because our camera flashes bounce off them to create a super bright and fun look!


There you have it- five of our favorite wedding day exit ideas! We hope these have inspired you to create your own wedding day exit plan so you can start off your newly-wed bliss with smiles on your faces and confetti in your hair.


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